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19 Awesome Google Tricks/Operators You Should Know


In this digital age, almost everyone is connected through internet in some way or other. We are using internet for any information or about topic, and we get result in a single click. The number of user is increasing day by day. Nowadays more than 80% of the business is conducting online to reach to wider audience in short time. Google is working hard to improve search engine functionality for better result.

Here are the lists of some Google advance commands which help you to get quick and more relevant information in short time by using Google operators.

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Amazing Google Tricks and Search Operator

#Atari Breakout

Just type in Google Image search box “”Atari Breakout”, and click on search result

Atari Breakout

#Books by Author

Here you can search book by author name: Just type in Author name in Google search box same as below.

Books by Author

#Calculate Tip

Need some mathematical help: Type in “Calculating Tips”

calculate tip

#Convert currency

Find out the current currency of any country: Just type in below

Convert currency

#define anagram

Just type “define anagram” in Google search box, see the how Google define it

define anagram

#distance between cities

Find out the distance between two cities and travel time, exactly the format below.

distance between cities

#do a barrel roll

Just type in “do a barrel roll” in search box and see the tric

do a barrel roll

#Google Translate

Type in “Translate” in search box

Google Translate

#Set a timer

You can set a timer accordingly: format below

Set a timer

#Special days-search

Special days-search

#Search for “the answer to life, the universe and everything”

the answer to life

#tilt or askew

Just type in “tilt” or type “askew” in Google search box

tilt or askew

#zerg rush

Type command “zerg rush” in search engine

zerg rush

#Google can convert for you

Google can convert for you.

#Google find songs by bands

Now you can search songs by Artist or by bands: format given below

Google find songs by bands

#Google gravity

Search for “Google Gravity” >> click on the search result

Google gravity

#informations about flights

informations about flights

#search for you by voice

Tired of typing, Google help you by voice search and then click microphone

search for you by voice

#sunset and sunrise

Find out sunset and sunrise time, just follow the given format

sunset and sunrise

#type a minus

This minus operator “-” it exclude term on the right of “-” from the search result, see the example below

type a minus

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